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Anahit Saribekyan

22/01/1985 was born in Kirovakan city (now Vanadzor city, Armenia) USSR.

2000 - graduated with honors from A. Khlghatyan Scool 18, Vanadzor city, Armenia.

2002 - graduated from Soghomon Abovyan Gymnasium 1, English language department, Vanadzor city, Armenia.

From 1993 to 1998 studied with honors at the Dance Department of Art School, Vanadzor city, Armenia.

From 1999 to 2002 worked in the American organization YMCA in Vanadzor Section, Armenia (Young Men’s Christian Association) as a choreographer.

In 2002 moved with family to Russia.

From 2005 to 2007 worked at B & T company as a sommelier.

In 2008 graduated with honors from Pedagogical University of Nizhni Novgorod (qualification of social educature majoring in social pedagogy, socio-pedagogical rehabilitation of children with deviant behaviour).

In 2007 founded in Nizhni Novgorod city, Russia the Nairi Armenian Folk and Ethnographic Dance Ensemble.

Since 2007 started to work as a choreographer and art manager in Armenian Community of Nizhny Novgorod city, Russia.

Since 2008 started to cooperate with the National Dance Art Union of Armenia.

Since 2010 became the citizen of Russian Federation.

Winner/laureate of numerous awards and competitions of dance, choreography, song and art.

Has created the dance style called "Abstract-Monumental Dance" ©, using Armenian dance movements from historical sources on musical of the New World Vision style.

Has 16 years’ experience on stage and teaching practice.

Led an active social life in the promotion of tolerance among nations. Lectured on "The lessons of friendship, the lessons of the world" as part of the federal programs of the youth movements of the Russian Federation.

As choreographer of the Nairi Dance Ensemble, Anah Sari was honored with a special praise from the President of the National Dance Art Union Armenia, Professor Dr. Karen Gevorgyan.

2011 for her achievements she has earned membership to the International Dance Council CID at UNESCO, the only official world-wide organization for dance. Her admission distinguishes her as one of the leading professionals on international level.

Has been invited to many competitions and festivals as an honored guest and was appointed as a President of the Jury there.

16/07/2013 was recognized as a President of the Vanadzor city, Armenia Section of CID at UNESCO.

In 2013 she was invited by the national Dora Stratou Dance Theatre in Athens to carry out a comparative study between Armenian and Greek folk dances. This is an ongoing research project, the first part of which was concluded in 1/09/2014, project XREOS with cooperation of Pontian dance specialist and director of the project Mr. Omiros Pachatouridis and with Dora Stratou Greek Dance Theater.

In 2013 started a new project workshops on "Hands Tecnique" ©. Until now in dance history no one had done it before.

In 2014 has founded and Directed Anah Sari International Arts Academy.


Since 2014 is designer of many dance research websites of CID at UNESCO.

Took part in 35th, 36th, 37th, 40th World Congresses on Dance Researches by CID at UNESCO representing Armenian culture and giving lectures on very original themes.

As a singer, her repertoire includes Armenian and Russian folk songs, as well as modern songs from various countries.

Anah Sari is invited to give lectures, workshops and performances in Russia, Armenia, Turkey, Europe and other countries.




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