21st General Assembly of the CID at UNESCO in Paris


Anah Sari's speech on

21st General Assembly of the CID at UNESCO in Paris



Hello dear colleagues, Mr. President.

I am Anahit Saribekyan, representing Vanadzor Section of CID at UNESCO, representing Armenia - small country with rich history coming from ancient times.

Since 2011 I am a member of CID at UNESCO.

On 29 April 2013 was organised the trip of the CID President Dr. Raftis to Armenia. CID first time visited my country.

16 July 2013 was opened Vanadzor Section of CID in Armenia and I have a big hope that in a very soon time we will have the CID Sections in many cities of my country.

In September 2014 was opened the Armenian Pandect website - Encyclopedia on Armenian Dances and Dance practitioners on any kind of dances with Armenian native.

Since 2015 first time in a dance history of the Vanadzor city International dance professionals, members of CID started to visit Vanadzor and Armenia wholly with workshops.

Vanadzor Section for the future plan to organise a conferance on dance researches which will be a rehearsal for the future World Congress on Dance Researches by CID at UNESCO that we plan to make true on 2017.


The big and main event for me as a human being was the workshop on Armenian Dances in Sakarya city, Turkey, organised by Vanadzor Section and CID members of  the Dance Department Sakarya University.

Together with my colleagues we broke the wall that was founded by politicians 100 years ago. This was the first time in a history that Armenian was invited by Turks to give workshops on Armenian dances in International Dance Day 29/04/2015. 

All world was remembering victims of Armenian Genocide 100 years ago and making projects about death.

We made true a project about Life and Peace !!!

Turkish dance professionals of Sakarya city and me are going to continue our collaboration and new projects will come again very soon.


I am happy that the program of CID Certification has started from my students in Russia, from devoted new CID members.

Vanadzor Section starts CID Certification program in Armenia as well.


I am a President on a distance, have a very good team in Armenia - people with a very strong will - soldiers for the Dance World. Many dance professionals, dance teachers in Armenia and in Diaspora thanks to our hard and united work start to be informed about the high and the only official organisation on Dance in the World - about CID at UNESCO.

Merry Christmas !!!

Let 2016 and all other coming years will pass in peace !!!
































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